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Flint Community Schools teacher applauds district for virtual decision

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Flint Community Schools teacher applauds district for virtual decision

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Flint Community Schools students will learn virtually through Jan. 23. 

Students have yet to enter the classroom in 2022 due to COVID-19 concerns.
Matthew Sylvester teaches seventh grade in the district, he said that he's happy to see the district taking the pandemic seriously.
"I know a few of our students have already got COVID-19, I'm just glad they didn't bring it in to risk me my family or anything like that," said Sylvester.
Sylvester said that with case numbers reaching record highs, he can't imagine 75% of the students remaining in class without exposure.
"The state of Michigan says clearly that you have to have 75% attendance for it to count as a school day and if schools are in person and they can't hit that mark, well, the law is what it is," said Sylvester.
Even though teaching virtually poses challenges, Sylvester says being online is opening new doors for his students.
"Giving students the opportunity to learn online opens doors to the internet, opens doors to other careers they could have where they'll work from home," said Sylvester.
Sylvester says some students are responding well to this new format.
"I've seen kids go from being problems in class, to being excited to participate online," said Sylvester. "I can tell you I don't want it to be forever. I do miss going into the classroom, but there has to be this balance."
According to the school district, they will continue meeting with a team of medical professionals each week to determine if and when they will return to in person learning.
Superintendent Kevelin Jones says the district is expected to return to in-person learning on Jan. 24.

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