Flint schools to receive specialized water dispensers through partnership with ZeroWater

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/09/15) - Friday afternoon, the United Way of Genesee County announced an effort that will put specialized water dispensers inside every school classroom in the city of Flint.

The filtered water pitchers will be trucked in on Monday and will start going into classrooms immediately.

ZeroWater is helping make it happen, and the company's CEO, Dan Kellam, was in Flint for the announcement.

More than 2,500 NSF lead certified water pitchers are being shipped to the city.

"I have four kids in elementary school, six kids together, and I would freak out if I found out they had elevated levels of lead in their school water," Kellam said. "We happen to have a product that's very easy to use and removes lead, so we just wanted to share. We feel obligated to do that."

The 23-cup capacity pitchers will be put into every school classroom in the city of Flint, including private and charter schools. It will alleviate some of the troubles associated with trying to buy and move bottled water.

"We're just saying every school, every classroom needs to have the confidence that kids can come get water, and we need it to not disrupt the learning in the classroom," said Jamie Gaskin, CEO of The United Way of Genesee County. "So this is a solution that each teacher can manage."

The United Way, through its donors and a $50,000 check from GM, is contributing a total of $75,000 to the initiative. ZeroWater is donating a large number and selling others at cost.

Flint Community Schools Superintendent Bilal Tawwab is grateful for the partnerships.

"I'm going to try my best to control what happens during that time when they're in our care," Tawwab said. "I understand this is a very emotional time for parents just thinking about the what if. I will continue (and) my district will continue to partner with parents during this really rough time."

The United Way is working to get the ZeroWater dispensers in day cares across Flint.

ZeroWater is offering a 50 percent discount to residents.

According to the company, "use the code "flintwater" and provide your zip code to get 50 percent off our products online at www.Zerowater.com."

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