35 percent of Flint residents at first grade reading level

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (04/14/15) - 60,000 adults in Genesee County are at a first grade reading level.

It's a staggering statistic that literacy tutors say has been swept under the rug.

In the Beecher District, 40 percent of adults are at a first grade reading level. In Flint, it's 35 percent, with Mt. Morris Township coming in at 28 percent.

When you total up the whole county, there are 60,000 people at the first grade level.

Debbie Springer, from the Genesee County Literacy Coalition, said when you can't read, you can't do basic things like grocery shop or apply for a job.

Springer said to turn the economy around in places like Flint, you have to first teach people how to read.

The only way to get more people reading is through tutors.

"By training tutors and getting one on one tutoring help to people, we are hoping to make people feel they are not a failure, that they can do it and they will do it," Springer said.

If you want to become a literacy tutor, the information on training sessions is listed below:

April 25 and May 2 (must attend both sessions)
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
St. Luke's New Life Center
3115 Lawndale
Flint, MI

RSVP with Debbie Springer at 810-962-0588.

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