Aftershock Indoor Trampoline Park opens in Midland

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MIDLAND (WJRT) - (10/12/15) - It's a new business that has bounced into Midland, and it's the first of its kind in Mid-Michigan.

"The closest one is in the Brighton area, and the kids were driving two hours and paying double the price, and we thought, 'Let's just make it more affordable and have the same type of thing, but better," said Tara Wieland, co-owner of Aftershock Indoor Trampoline Park.

Aftershock began welcoming in customers last week, following quite the buildup on Facebook.

"The first 48 hours our page was up, we had 2,000 likes. By the time we opened, we had over 3,000. We were completely full last weekend," Wieland said.

Aftershock is independent and family owned. It sits inside the old 84 Lumber building on West Wackerly. After a month and half of around the clock renovations, the end result was a park with nine trampolines and a foam ball pit, ready for everything from birthday parties to college nights, and even Toddler Time.

"We went around and saw what we liked about certain ones and what we didn't like and came back, put it all together and designed this for the kids," Wieland said.

The design placed a priority on keeping kids safe.

"We only allow 35 people in the facility at a time. We have one monitor for every 10 kids. It's fully padded and caged all around," Wieland said.

It's not just fun and games - cheer and gymnastics teams have been dropping by Aftershock for some hardcore training and cardio.

"I really helps me improve my power and control my body. I've been cheering for 14 years and it's really helping me get better," said Emily Nugent.

"People come in for an hour and they're blown away. Half and hour later, they're saying, 'Do you have some water or juice boxes? We're dying out here,'" said Aftershock staff member Nate Niinisto.

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