Police ID body found in Grand Blanc

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) - UPDATE: (12/08/15) - A body found in a Grand Blanc field a couple of weeks ago was finally identified on Tuesday.

Detectives tell us Michigan State University used dental records to identify the 59-year-old man from Burton.

His name has not been released yet at the request of his family.

We're told the man was last seen in July when he left his home. He was found behind McFarlan Library, unrecognizable.

Police hope the Genesee County medical examiner will be able to determine how the man died later this week.


(12/07/15) - Police may have identified the person found dead near a tree in Grand Blanc.

Police tell us they are taking dental records to Michigan State University on Tuesday to confirm the identity.

The lab there does believe it was a man found behind McFarlan Library a couple of weeks ago.

The body was so decomposed, it was impossible to tell without testing.

(12/01/15) - Police are hoping you can help identify a body found near a nature trail over the weekend.

So far, they have little to go on.

The body was so badly decomposed, an autopsy could not even reveal the gender. The body is now at Michigan State University for more testing.

Police say the body was found Sunday in a brushed portion of the nature area, where people don't normally travel.

Right now, they don't believe foul play was involved, but they are classifying this death as suspicious.

Police say it's likely the body was out there since this summer, but they aren't really sure and they are calling in a forensics team to determine exactly how long this person was out there.

Right now, all they have to go on at possibly identifying this person is a tattoo found on the body.

"The only identifying mark on the body was a colorful tattoo on the right bicep, tricep area of a unicorn. That's the only identifying mark we have at this time and we're hoping that somebody might know who it is based on that tattoo," said Det. Bryan Byarski, of the Grand Blanc Police Department.

The tattoo has been compared to tattoos in a Michigan State Police data base. So far, no matches have been found.

The trail sits behind the Indian Hill subdivision. We spoke to a few neighbors who say they're shocked about the entire thing. They say nothing like this ever happens around there.

If you know any information on who this person could be, please call the Grand Blanc Police Department.

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