California company brings 'water generator' to Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) - (6/15/16) - 250 Flint homes could soon have a machine that creates water using the moisture in the air.

Henri-James Tieleman, co-founder of the California company Ecoloblue, brought his Atmospheric Water Generator to Flint's Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church Wednesday afternoon.

Tieleman says his machine takes moisture out of the air, runs it through a filtration system and turns it into drinkable water. He says most of the time, Michigan has enough humidity for it to produce up to 30 liters a day, which is approximately 8 gallons.

"It doesn't need any infrastructure. You need a plug and you need climate or the humidity in your house. You know what you're generating, you know what you're going to be drinking," said Tieleman, who says he's looking to give the people of Flint a proven source of clean drinking water.

Local State Representatives Phil Phelps and Sheldon Neeley helped put the visit together. Phelps says it came together in only a week, but is paying dividends right off the bat.

"(He) said he'd be willing to donate $350,000 worth of units to Flint residents," said Rep. Phelps (D-Flushing).

That's about 250 homes.

"We did it very quickly. It didn't take very long to get this thing done, once we put the right people in the room," said Neeley (D-Flint).

But will we see these generators in more homes? Tieleman says they retail at about $1300 each, but he's hoping to work on a deal to lower the price for Flint families.

Phelps says talks are happening, but that's not his only focus.

"We would like to try to get some larger units that could produce a little bit more water and provide water for the schools," he said.

Rep. Phelps says the next step is getting the generators shipped to Flint. When that happens, they will be distributed to families based on need. He expects Prince of Peace to play a big role in distribution.

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