How long before Detroit water is in Flint homes?

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/09/15) - The water emergency is far from over.

Families are still struggling in Flint, but the Governor says that better water is on the way.

The switch to the Detroit Water System is official, and now there are lots of questions being fired at local and state leaders.

Howard Croft, the city’s director of public works, said in two weeks, the city will start to open up valves to let the water from Lake Huron into the system.

Then, it will take another three weeks before it is flowing into Flint homes.

Governor Rick Snyder said Thursday in Flint that the switch will cost $12 million.

While funding is getting secured to finance the move, Croft said he is working on the logistics of the operation. He said Detroit needs to start producing more water.

Here in Flint, they are working to clean a portion of the nine mile pipeline that will connect the Detroit system to Flint’s.

Croft said there will then be extensive testing to make sure the water is good.

He predicts it will be about a month before people in Flint will be able to use Detroit water in their homes.

Croft says the threat of lead isn't totally gone because whatever the source of water, it's pushing through old lead pipes and service lines.

“Our commitment is to the long term. The only real way to eliminate that is to have the plumbing in your house changed or have the service line changed,” Croft said.

Snyder said Thursday that the state is also committed to the long term problem, which would mean replacing lead pipes in the city in the future.

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