City of Flint holds water presentation at City Hall

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/14/15) - Flint City leaders trying to calm fears. This time, after a new study by Virgina Tech finds more problems with the city's water.

The University tested 300 homes in the city, and according to their numbers, found 70 of them had lead levels they deem "unsafe."

"I talked directly to the professor of VA Tech. I think he's legitimately concerned about the public health as we all are. Lead concerns are not unique to the city of Flint," said Public Works Director Howard Croft.

Croft says the city is looking into a solution.

One idea? Change out service lines.

Mayor Dayne Walling says he plans to ask Gov. Rick Snyder for money to do just that.

"That's the call that I've made. That we have $10 million invested by the state to help us deal with lead and distribution system and an indoor plumbing, especially for our vulnerable populations who don't have the money to make that change themselves," Walling said.

Many who attended Monday's meeting had lots of concerns about the safety of their drinking water, but weren't allowed to ask questions during the presentation.

Peggy Brisbane-Noblit was asked to leave by the council president for talking out of turn.

"I'm dumbfounded. I don't get it. I don't have an opinion I guess," Brisbane-Nobit said.

She worries about the recent studies and her declining health.

"This is ridiculous. I have a pubis bone that's breaking because one of the symptoms of lead is bone deterioration," Brisbane-Nobit said.

"Rest assured the city of Flint is going to put in place the anti corrosion work and we're going to pursue money to replace the lead in our system so that we can put this problem behind us once and for all," Walling said.

As far as what people can do right now if they have any concerns about the lead in their water, Walling says flush your system using cold water. You can also always ask the city to come and perform a test on your water.

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