Clock is ticking on Homeland Security shutdown

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FLINT (WJRT) - (02/25/15)-The clock is ticking on a potential partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security.
Congress has until midnight Friday night to come to a decision about funding the agency.
The shutdown would affect more than 2,000 T.S.A. agents in Michigan alone.
If the Department of Homeland Security does shut down, 87% of employees, including T.S.A. agents, will have to keep working.
But here's the catch; they'd be working without pay until an agreement is reached on funding.
For T.S.A. agents, that's an especially huge blow.
Most agents can't afford to not get paid for an undetermined amount of time, especially if they're the only source of income in a household.
Employees would get reimbursed after a funding agreement is made.
This isn't the first time Department of Homeland Security Employees have faced this possibility.
Back in the fall of 2013, T.S.A. agents worked for 16 days without pay.
We spoke to Detroit Metropolitan Airport T.S.A. agent Vaughn Glenn who's also the president of the statewide union for those employees.
Glenn said the issue isn't just about pay.
When a partial shutdown happens, non-essential employees don't come to work, which means many T.S.A. agents have to take over those positions while they're gone.
This leads to longer lines for travelers going through security.
He also said the whole situation affects T.S.A. agents mentally.
"What we're doing, I think is very important, highly important. We have to be able to concentrate on that. And what we can't do is have something in the back of our head like, am I going to be able to pay the babysitter next week? You know that does take effect. Am I going to be able to do this, that has an impact on us focusing on what we need to be focusing on,” said Vaughn Glenn.
At Flint Bishop alone a Homeland Security Shutdown would affect 60 T.S.A. employees, across
Other federal workers, like coast guard and border patrol agents, would also have to keep working without immediate pay.