Different water source, same story in Flint for now

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/02/15) - The water emergency in Flint is not over yet.

Researchers from Virginia Tech University are in town making sure people know the water is still not safe to drink.

Professor Marc Edwards is estimating within a month, most homes will see lead levels that meet state and federal guidelines, but he warns that doesn't mean everyone in the city will have safe drinking water.

That was part of what he discussed Wednesday morning at Hurley Medical Center.

Hurley is where pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha revealed her findings of elevated blood lead levels in children following the switch to the Flint River.

This story is all too familiar to Edwards.

He said Wednesday, what happened in Flint happened in Washington D.C. a decade ago.

He spearheaded research in that water crisis, just like he did in Flint, and found the same sobering levels of lead.

As similar as the situations are, Edwards described what happened in Flint as a "miracle."

He says it seemed impossible that anyone would listen to his research, let alone start a movement.

Edwards didn't say when he will be in town next, but assures that his team will continue testing the water.

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