Dan Kildee address Flint's Water Worries

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/22/15) - A Mid-Michigan Congressman is weighing in on Flint's Water Worries.

Tuesday morning, Representative Dan Kildee addressed several topics, including recent reports about high levels of lead detected in the city's drinking water.

Kildee met with the EPA on Monday regarding Flint's water.

After Virginia Techs findings of high lead levels, water activists have suggested the city may be skewing water test results in their favor.

Kildee stated the information he was given on Monday by the EPA gave him no satisfaction that their testing has been adequate.

Kildee is asking the EPA for more independent testing, stressing how imperative it is that Flint residents have safe water.

"Issue for me is, if there's any doubt whatsoever about the health of our citizens and the quality of water, we ought to do everything we can to get to the bottom of it. My meeting yesterday was really not satisfying. It did not provide me the kind of assurance that the water is safe. We need somebody to take a look at that immediately and do a much more robust, much more exhaustive test," he said.

The City of Flint has said they have no problem with additional testing.

Kildee said test funding is an obligation of the state and federal governments, so whatever it takes, they should spend it to keep our citizens healthy.

While it should be immediate, action taken on testing will depend on how quickly the DEQ, the EPA and the city of Flint respond.

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