Filmmaker Michael Moore holds rally in Flint, calls for President Obama to visit

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FLINT (WJRT) - (1/16/16) - Filmmaker Michael Moore held a rally in front of Flint City Hall, Saturday afternoon, about the city's ongoing water emergency.

Highlights included a call for President Barack Obama to visit Flint during his trip to Detroit's auto show, next week. Moore also doubled down on his call for Gov. Rick Snyder's arrest.

Hundreds of supporters joined the Genesee County native, bringing with them chants and signs, while Moore addressed President Obama's federal state of emergency declaration.

"It does not go far enough. It is only for 90 days. It's only for bringing more bottled water to Flint. Bandaids, filters. That is not what we need. The water infrastructure of this city has been destroyed, and it's been destroyed by the governor of this state," said Moore.

Coming up at ABC 12 News at 11, we have reaction from people at Moore's rally.

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