Fire continues at Averill Refuse and Recycling

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FLINT (WJRT) - (04/16/15) - As of Thursday evening, recyclables are still burning at Averill Refuse and Recycling in Flint.

The fire started around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Averill says firefighters will be back on Friday to hose down the burning plastics and put out hot spots.

Smoke could be seen billowing into the sky for several hours over Flint, Tuesday evening.

"We finally got some people back there. It turned out to be recyclables on fire," said Kwame Hogan, district commander at the Flint Fire Department.

"What we have burning right were two piles that we about ready to get shipped out. We just needed to get done sorting through them and they were going to be gone," said Rochelle Wiswell, the general manager at Averill Refuse and Recycling.

The fire was so large at one point, it showed up on the satellite view from the National Weather Service.

Firefighters told ABC12 that because the ground is too soft, they cannot get equipment back to the smoldering pile of plastic. They are monitoring the situation and will get equipment back there when the ground conditions improve.

The fire is located at the west side of their 17 acre property. Equipment had to be towed in and hundreds of yards of hoses were run from Averill.

The smoke, which smelled like plastic, has been blowing ever since the fire started. The recycling facility is assuring that nothing hazardous burned.

"The only thing they are breathing in is burnt plastic. There is no hazardous material waste back there. So, I don't see anything emitting in the air as being harmful to anyone," Wiswell said.

Fire crews couldn't tell us a cause of the fire just yet. They are investigating. However, Wiswell told ABC12 News the fire may have been intentional.

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