First wave of Ecoloblue water generators set up in Flint homes

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/01/16) - It makes purified water from the air and Thursday, the one-of-a-kind machines started going into Flint homes.

A local church is overseeing the donations and says it's a game changer when it comes to helping families affected by the the water crisis.

Shirley Frost is one of the first people in Flint to have the Ecoloblue Atmospheric Water Generator set up in her home.

Some call it the "Energizer Bunny" for water.

It looks similar to a Culligan machine, but it functions much differently.

Frost watched as a crew rolled in the $1,200 equipment that takes moisture out of the air to create clean, drinkable water.

"In this community, so many people are just dead set against ever drinking this water again," said William Korreck, president of Global Environmental Engineering. "So this is grabbing the water from the air and it's not connected to any water pipes, so it's as pure as water as we can provide to the community."

Korreck is working with Ecoloblue, a California company, to make sure residents are squared away when the generators arrive.

It's pretty simple - controlled by a few button touches.

Humidity above 50 percent allows the machine to make a maximum of eight-gallons of water a day. It can dispense hot and cold water.

"The fact that it's so quiet. It's just nice and easy and makes lots of water," Frost said.

Frost is in the first wave of about 250 homes that will eventually have this machine. Ecoloblue officials visited Flint a few months ago and announced a donation totaling about $350,000.

For Frost, it's about peace of mind.

"Because I'm tired of bottled water, having to go get it (and) lug it home," Frost said.

She wasn't intimated about the technology.

"No, not once. They showed us how it worked and how easy it was," Frost said. "And that's the good thing - it shows you what's all going on. It shows you the hot water, the cold water, the temperature (and) the time. What more could you want in a water fountain?"

Prince of Peace Church is facilitating the donations. Residents have to fill out an application in order to be considered for the program that's providing the generators at no cost.

Major maintenance needs to happen every six months. Professionals will handle that task.

Frost said the church, Ecoloblue and others who made the donations possible are Godsent.

"Praise the Lord and thank them for everything they did and the company for making this machine," Frost said.

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