Flint Kiwanis expanding relationship with Hurley Medical Center

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/29/16) - A volunteer organization is looking to expand it's relationship with Hurley Medical Center.

The Flint Kiwanis heard from Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha on Thursday about what's still needed to help the children of Flint succeed while the water crisis continues.

"This recovery of Flint is a community-wide effort and every agency- everybody who cares for our community needs to play an active part of that," said Dr. Hannah-Attisha.

She's working to create a brighter tomorrow for Flint children.

"We do not have tap water that we can drink without a filter," the doctor said.

Her visit with the Kiwanis members is a step toward a new partnership between the organization and Hurley.

Al Stange described the process like surgery- they're working to identify specific needs and how Kiwanis and its partners can have the best impact.

"I think the wisest move will be to listen to what Dr. Mona and Hurley experts have to say and then kind of tune our response to their needs," Stange said.

While Dr. Hannah-Attisha is immersed in helping directly with Flint's physical and mental recovery, she's also part of the Child Lead Poisoning Elimination Board.

"Our focus is really to think outside of the box and to focus on elimination and to focus on the entire state," she said.

Governor Rick Snyder established the board in May. A report is due to him in November.

"Looking at all sources of lead and making sure that our children are never exposed to lead- so it's great work," Dr. Hannah-Attisha said.

The doctor is drawing on what she's seen and learned from Flint's lead contamination and her overall experience as a pediatrician and mother.

The end goal is to have recommendations for:
-Improving the blood lead testing rate of children
-Improving the use of follow up services when necessary
-Bolstering environmental lead investigations
-Defining ways to better reduce lead risks- including in individual homes
-improving the collection, maintenance and sharing of critical data

Dr. Hannah-Attisha said sustained funding is a need that can't be overlooked.

"To make sure that our children and our families remain healthy," she said.

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