Flint Local 432 celebrates 30th anniversary this week

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/28/15) - It's one of the longest-running, all ages and alcohol-free music venues in the country. This week, Flint Local 432 celebrates its thirtieth anniversary.

"When we did our first show back in 1985, about an hour into the show, I thought, 'I am never going to do this again.' Within a month, I forgot all the terrible parts and only remembered the fun parts, and that's sort of sustained us for 30 years now," said founder and co-owner Joel Rash.

Following a four year shutdown, the Local reemerged in its new home at 124 West First street back in 2011. Rash has watched the music scene and area change quite a bit.

"The shows were crazy, downtown was abandoned. We were the only game in town, and now it's a much more dedicated art space," Rash said.

To mark 30 years, the Local has several nights of reunion shows planned.

"Guys that played here in the '80s, '90s, and early 2000s. People flying in from San Francisco and all over to play music here," said co-owner Chris Everson.

The highlight of the week is a Friday night fundraising party at the Farmers' Market, featuring music and celebrity television chefs.

"Bravo and the Food Network, people that are really at the top of their game nationally. Charles Siegel, a chocolatier from Flint is the biggest name in chocolate in California right now. He's coming back to support us and we're really grateful," Rash said.

The Local is a non-profit, operating under Red Ink Flint. Friday night's party at the Farmers' Market will go a long way in helping to bring even more entertainment options here down the road.

"It's spoken word and dance, it's really a community space for young people and artists to come and do their craft, no matter what that craft is. We're really happy about expanding a bigger role for Local 432 in the future," Everson said.

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