Flint lawmakers calling for investigation into altered lead report

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FLINT ( WJRT)- (11/05/15)- State Representative Sheldon Neeley is upset and is calling for a federal investigation into the Michigan Department of Environmental Quailty.

Neeley, along with Flushing Representative Phil Phelps, are outraged after hearing about a Michigan Radio story that claims the DEQ knowingly dropped two lead test samples so that Flint could avoid exceeding a federal drinking water standard.

" If they would've been implemented into the process, it could've showed early results of high lead exposure for families inside the city of Flint," Neeley said.

Neeley also wants Governor Sndyer to remove DEQ Director Dan Wyant from his position.

" The Governor has to step up and move forward in the best possible way, by moving these individuals out of position," Neeley said.

The Governor's office released this statement tonight, saying

" Governor Snyder has convened a task force to study state, city and federal response to the Flint water and infrastructure challenges. It will be premature to take any additional action until the experts on that panel have had time to do their job."

" I think it's a lot of culpability on the Governor's part, if we don't do something with these department heads who ignored these test results," Neeley said.

According to that Michigan Radio report, the EPA is doing a full review on Flint's water emergency.

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