Flint medical marijuana dispensaries donate, raise money during water emergency

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FLINT (WJRT) - (01/24/16) - Whether it's with water bottle donations or raising money, businesses all across Mid-Michigan have been stepping up to help people living in Flint. That includes medical marijuana dispensaries.

Like any other local business owner, Rachelle Arnott is invested in her community. She started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for people affected by Flint's water emergency.

"Flint is our home community, we love it here. And obviously with this big crisis here we definitely wanted to give a helping hand in helping the city of Flint,” she said.

But Arnott's business isn't exactly typical. She runs a successful medical marijuana dispensary in Flint, the Green Bean.

"So far we've raised 12 hundred dollars so far and it's only been up about a week now,” she said. Arnott adds the business will match any donations they get up to five thousand dollars.

Arnott says she understands that not everyone agrees with her line of work – but stigmas won't get in the way of the business owner helping the city she grew up in.

"You can not be for this and still donate to the city. We're donating to everyone here. So whether you're for us or not for us we still just want to help everybody in the city of Flint,” she said.

Arnott says the water emergency has affected her customers too. She says for the past year, people who grow medical marijuana in Flint have come in with water-related problems.

"You know this is essentially a weed. And a weed can't even grow in this. So this is killing peoples' medicine and they can't have their medicine like they normally have because of the water,” she said.

On Flint's east side another dispensary is doing their part to help out. Green RX isn't officially open yet, but they're holding a water giveaway in their parking lot on Monday.

"We bought ten pallets from Meijer and each pallet contains 60 cases,” said Brooke Malik, co-owner of Green RX.

Malik is business partners with former Detroit Pistons player Ben Wallace. Malik says as soon as they started setting up shop, they wanted to help out.

"I was not familiar with the area, but everyone has been so warm and welcoming to me and it's such a great community that I want to help it,” said Malik.

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