Flint residents learn more information about class action lawsuit

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FLINT (WJRT)- (12/1/15)- " I want to be in on this class action suit."

Which is why Amos Hornsby and his family attended Tuesday night's informational session at the Northbank Center in Downtown Flint. Like many in the city, Hornsby believes he's a victim of Flint's water emergency.

" The water was affecting me and my daughter. It put sores on me and my daughter. We should've taken pictures but we didn't," Hornsby said.

Passing out information and questionnaires, attorneys from different law firms educated people about Flint's Water Class Action lawsuit.

" It's a case representing, all people who've been affected by the decisions that were made by the governmental officials to connect the water in Flint to the Flint river. Which we think was done with deliberate indifference to the fact that the water was contaminated and toxic to the residents," Attorney Cary McGehee said.

The lawsuit currently represents four Flint families suing Governor Snyder and two of his emergency managers. As a "Class Action" lawsuit, the families serve as representatives, not only for themselves, but for others who join the suit as "Class Members." Since attorneys made the lawsuit public, residents have stepped up.

" We've been inundated with phone calls from people who've been adversely affected by what's happened here. We've heard tragic stories about how their children have been poisoned with lead, how it's already affecting them cognitively, how people are losing their hair and have had skin lesions and rashes. How their pets have been sick and died and how fearful they are about what their future is based on misconduct by government officials," McGehee said.

Amos feels relieved these attorneys are listening to his concerns.

"The voices count, and we need all the voices that we can get, Hornsby said.

The law firms handling this case are:

- Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers
117 W. Fourth Street, Ste 200
Royal Oak, Michigan, 48070

Office: 248-398-9800
Fax: 248-398-9804
Email: receptionist@pittlawpc.com

- Goodman & Hurwitz
1394 E. Jefferson Ave
Detroit, MI 48207

- Trachelle C. Young & Associates
2501 N. Saginaw Street
Flint, Michigan 48505

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