Flint restaurants taking precautions because of Flint's Water Worries

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/01/15) - Until there's a fix to Flint's water problems, Noah Vukaj, the owner of Olympic Grill in Flint, is making sure that every drop of water inside of his building is taken care of.

"We try the best we could, like any business owner, to do our part. We boil all of the cooking water, we buy bottled water here, we buy very special filters and we try to protect our customers," Vukaj said.

Kathy Mather is a frequent customer at Olympic Grill. Despite Mather's frustration with the city's water problems, she says she trusts Vukaj's restaurant.

"If he says he's doing that, then I know he's doing it," Mather said.

At White Horse Tavern, lead pipes aren't an issue.

"A good number of pipes feeding the Flint system are lead. Mine happens to be copper. Because the house was built in 1973. So that's one plus, if you could call it a plus," said Chris Poulos, owner of the White Horse Tavern.

Paulos says he still wants customers coming in to feel safe.

"You're OK if you come here. I have bottled water for the people and then the ice machine and soda machines are filtered now," Poulos said.

Many of his customers also feel good about visiting.

"We're here every Thursday night. We've been drinking the water. We haven't stopped," said Martha Hosmer-Arion.

Both restaurant owners say customer safety is their number one priority and they will continue making clean drinking water their main goal as long as the problems with the city's water and infrastructure continue.

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