Flint water customers will pay the same for Detroit water

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/12/15) - Flint water customers will pay the same following the switch to the Detroit Water System.

Flint city leaders said they won’t see a change in their bills when they reconnect to the system in about a month.

Flint City Administrator Natasha Henderson said the reason that there will be no change is because the water plant still needs to be maintained and they need money for payroll and to work on the crumbling infrastructure.

If all goes as planned, in less than two weeks, Detroit water will start being introduced to the Flint system.

It will be at least a month before that water is at the tap at Flint homes.

The funding for the switch is laid out, but it's not a done deal.

The Flint City Council still has to approve $2 million toward the switch, which they are expected to vote on Monday night.

Governor Rick Snyder still has to ask the legislature for $6 million.

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling said he is confident it will get approved.

“I think what you're going to see is the same discussion when you're talking about public money. People ask a lot of questions and they are going to want to make sure this is money well spent. Our message is 'Flint needs to be able to reconnect to Detroit,'” Walling said.

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