Flint Water Worries go beyond just drinking issues

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FLINT (WJRT) - (010/02/15) - Flint's Water Worries have left people with a lot of questions.

Drinking safety is just one issue, but there are more.

One question a lot of people have been asking us is if their homes are part of the Flint Water System.

People who live in the city of Flint have been getting their water from the Flint River since April 2014.

If you live outside the city, your water comes from another source - with a few exceptions.

Earlier this year, ABC12 discovered about 120 homes and businesses in Mt. Morris Township, Burton, Genesee Township and Flint Township that are connected to the Flint city water supply.

Keep in mind, most people who live in those areas do not get their water from Flint.

Anyone who is unsure of where they get their water should contact their local city or township office.

Another common question is whether or not it's OK to shower, take a bath or even brush your teeth if water has lead in it.

"You're scared about splashing water in your face, to be honest with you, just really dangerous, really dangerous situation we live in right here in Flint," said Flint resident Marvin Jones.

"I just had a tooth pulled and have a hole in my mouth. It's a real concern that I might contract lead poisoning from just brushing my teeth," said Thomas Carr, from Flint

"Taking a shower, brushing my teeth, I mean, the water is just terrible. And I don't even understand why we have to pay the water bill," said Flint resident Lashaunda Horton.

According to the EPA, bathing and showering should be safe for adults and children, and human skin does not absorb lead in water.

Exceptions may be babies or young children, who may swallow their bath water.

The EPA also says if you have high lead in your water, you should not brush you teeth with it.

A third question is how concerned Flint residents are about their pets.

Flint resident Martin Simms is very concerned about the new addition to his family.

"I just got a brand new puppy and I don't want to give her water that's going to hurt her," Simms said.

"My neighbor keeps track of all that and he's got pets himself. And some of his friends' pets, they've gotten sick and died," said Flint resident Rick Garza.

"Pets are ingesting the same water we do and they're more susceptible because they have smaller body mass, so it would be wise to, if you're not going to drink your water, to give them bottled water as well," said Veterinarian Dr. Wendy Woodard.

The city and state do offer free water testing for your home, so contact them if you have any questions about the quality of your water.

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