Flint will again begin issuing water shutoff notices

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FLINT (WJRT) - (01/15/16) - Flint says it will start issuing water shutoff warnings to people who haven't paid their water bills.

The city put a hold on shutoff notices over the holidays, but the reprieve is over.

The new notices will include past due bills from November and December.

The city's chief financial officer didn't address what will happen in the future, but she made it very clear on Friday that no one's water has been cut off and no one has been getting warnings.

"No shutoff notices have gone out since Dec. 1 and I want to make it clear, we have had no disconnections since August," said Jody Lundquist, Flint chief financial officer.

A Genesee County judge says he is not blocking the city from issuing water shut-offs.

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