UPDATE: State-appointed facilitator to join Flint trash negotiations on Monday

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/30/16) - Flint's trash fight reaches a deadline.

Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah wanted the mayor and city council representatives to come to an agreement by 5 p.m. Friday on which company should be awarded a long-term contract.
The judge previously said if an agreement wasn't reached a state-appointed facilitator would join talks on Monday.

ABC12 has now learned that will happen on Monday, October 3.
Meanwhile, Mayor Karen Weaver is challenging a two-week order that keeps Republic on the job. So far, the Michigan Appeals Court hasn't issued an order. It's unclear if Rizzo will be on the job on Monday.

Residents have strong emotions about two competing companies that were once again cruising neighborhood streets on Friday fighting over waste.

Trash day wasn't the same Friday in Flint's 9th Ward.

"I saw my neighbors putting their trash out all looking across the street at me like I was crazy, because I had my trash sitting up here by the porch," said Jan Berryman.

She didn't want Rizzo picking up her trash- as she saw them traveling her block.

"So you withheld your trash, because you wanted who to pick it up?" asked reporter Damon Maloney. "Republic- who I'm very satisfied with," Berryman said. "I have never had an issue."

She didn't have to wait long.

"(I) watched for Republic to come around the corner," Berryman said. "(They) picked up two of my trash bags. The guys stopped."

This is the second time this week both companies have been hauling trash in the city following Mayor Weaver's termination of Republic Services last week. She later hired Rizzo under an emergency services contract. That move launched the most recent back-and-forth action in the courts.

Berryman showed ABC12 her trash bill. It's paid once a year as part of a city assessment. Her total was around $150 for trash alone.

"The mayor says that going with Rizzo will save taxpayers $2 million dollars over the course of 5-years. Why is she not right in saying, 'I want to go with Rizzo?" Maloney asked Berryman.

Berryman responded, "I just feel that if you look at it overall that what they're (Rizzo) doing in the long run will not save us money."

Her neighbor, Dave Lengyel, is upset about the trash debate.

"I think it's a waste of time to change when Republic was doing a good job, and they're cheap as well" Lengyel said.

Berryman and Lengyel said they both voted for Mayor Weaver. They're tired of the trash unrest.

"I think that the mayor's got some blame to take for herself, and I supported her," Lengyel said. "I voted for her, but I'm disappointed. It (trash) shouldn't have to be in court. They should just deal with the truth and abide by it. And I think one side is not dealing in the truth."

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