Gardening tips and tricks for mid-April

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BURTON (WJRT) - (04/12/15) - Spring, and even a hint of summer, was in the air on Sunday with temperatures warmer than normal.

That definitely put people in the mood to do some gardening and yard work.

"We're out looking for new plants to plant and replace the ones that died in last year," said Suzann Matthews, from Burton.

"We decided, since it's a beautiful day, to get some yard work done, and get some flowers up," said Rachel Sorensen, from Flint.

Shoppers at the Home Depot on Court Street were enjoying the sunny weather.

When it's the warmest it's been all year, it might be tempting to do some gardening and yard work, but staff say you have to be careful with Michigan's unpredictable weather.

"People see the sun and they come in. It's time to plant, that's what they think," said assistant store manager Jimmy McConico.

The right planting move now, is to begin lawn maintenance. Start with getting rid of weeds.

"You want to get that down now because once that germinates, it's hard to get rid of," McConico said.

"People swear by this. They come in and buy it by the dozens. So you want to start putting this down now," he said.

Then fill in empty grass spots with seeds, and beautify with mulch in different colors.

"Some of the cheaper brands that some stores may sell, they kind of have like a dye in them and they wash away during, like the rains," McConico said.

As far as gardening goes? Trees and shrubs are safe to plant.

"Those are ideal for this type of weather, because they kind of thrive on that, and are ready to bloom when the weather breaks," McConico said.

Hold off on vegetables and delicate flowers until later. A good rule of thumb is the first few weeks of May.

"You want to mostly plant those when the temperature's gonna be at least 50 or higher daytime and nighttime temperatures. Because you don't want to take the risk of buying and killing off your vegetables before they have the chance to grow," McConico said.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, at least getting out in the sun and warmth is a must.

"It's beautiful out today, enjoy the warm weather, you never know what tomorrow's gonna bring," Matthews said.

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