Gun store owner shares opinion on Obama's new policies

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OWOSSO (WJRT) - (01/06/16) - Gun buyers and dealers are getting a better handle on what the president's executive action on guns will mean for their rights.

Anyone who sells a gun has to be licensed, and those who buy may have to go through stricter background checks.

ABC12 went straight to a gun vendor to find out what they think.

Larry's Gunsmithing goes to about 24 gun shows a year - selling some of what they have in stock at their Owosso store all across the state.

"Because we are a lot smaller, when we go to a gun show, we can sell a lot more guns than we sell here, generate a lot more money,” said owner Nicole Tickner.

She says Larry's Gunsmithing is licensed and does background checks on every customer.

Tickner says she agrees with President Obama's executive action on those topics. First, because it levels the playing field - at gun shows, she's seen vendors who aren't licensed- but mostly, Tickner says it's about safety.

"Sometimes there's people just walking around, you know, going from dealer to dealer asking if they have to have a background check to buy a gun there. They just find out, 'Oh, I have to do paperwork,' and they're like, 'No', and then they just walk away,” she said.

Tickner says a couple times, that's even happened to her.

She says most vendors do run background checks, which after the president's announcement, has led to some confusion by customers.

"They didn't even realize that there were certain ones there that you didn't have to with,” Tickner said.

Before, certain types of vendors weren't required to run background checks.

"Someone with a felony or domestic violence or any kind of bad crime, they shouldn't be able to buy a gun. And under the current law, they can, at least long guns," Tickner said.

Tickner says she often ends up explaining gun laws to customers, and she's been doing a lot of that the past few days as she gets ready for her next gun show, this upcoming weekend.

"It's just about having the right laws to protect us,” she said.

Tickner says this December was their biggest month of sales ever since opening back in 2011.

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