Habitat for Humanity Restore is new hub for paint recycling program

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FLINT (WJRT) - (08/28/15) - A store known for giving old furniture and household items new uses is now the hub for a paint recycling program.

E-Paint is short for 'Everybody's Paint', and the Genesee County Habitat for Humanity Restore is excited about its new partnership.

"There's about 14 different colors: Blue, green, yellow, white, off-white...all kinds of stuff," said Greg Mosley, with Restore.

The paint is a mishmash of unused product, which is donated from folks all across the state.

E-Paint Recycling in Battle Creek is the mixologist.

"Now that we're a hub to recycle it for them, it's going to help a lot and get us a lot more customers coming in the door," Mosley said.

If you have old or unused latex paint lying around your house or in the basement, all you have to do is bring it to the Restore on Burton Street in Flint. Employees will load the container into one of the eight totes they have stored onsite. When all of the totes are filled, E-Paint Recycling will come to pick it up. In exchange, they bring new paint for Restore to sell to customers.

"We always are getting questions on what to do with latex paint because we do not take that at our hazardous collection," said Sheila Taylor, with the Genesee Co. Metropolitan Planning Commission.

It's why the agency decided to back the paint recycling project which costs about 150 per tote.

"We're just looking for a safe way to not dispose, but reuse," Taylor said.

Supporters of the program said keeping unwanted paint out of landfills and water ways is important. Being a hub for the recycling work may be new for the Restore, but they've been selling the product for the last two years.

"We can't keep some of the colors in stock. It works great," Mosley said.

Employees have used the paint on Habitat for Humanity homes they've worked on and have even used it to paint walls inside the Restore. The paint sells for $12 a gallon.

"So very affordable," Taylor said.

Mosley said no doubt about it - the paint is good stuff.

"Landlords that do come shop here, they stick to their certain brand that they've always used, they've tried this out and now it's saved them a lot of money and helps Habitat," he said.

The paint comes in a recycled container.

Keep Genesee County Beautiful is another partner in this effort.

The Restore said it will pick up paint from residents if they have other large items to donate.

For more information, contact the Genesee County Habitat for Humanity Restore at 810-766-9089.

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