Hillary Clinton sends staffers to Flint to investigate water emergency

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FLINT (WJRT) - (01/13/16) - Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign met with Flint's mayor about the water emergency on Wednesday.

ABC12 News talked exclusively with Clinton’s national political director, Amanda Renteria, at Flint City Hall.

She was just wrapping up a meeting with Mayor Karen Weaver, where the two talked about Flint's water emergency.

Renteria says as soon as Flint's water started to make national headlines, Clinton assigned her staff to investigate the crisis.

That's when she sent a team to Flint while they were in town for the North American International Auto Show.

She says Clinton was touched as a mother and grandmother when she heard children were being poisoned.

“If we are not providing basic services to kids, what are we doing? Her (Clinton's) immediate perspective and immediate response was, 'How do we make sure we are monitoring these kids, that we are educating folks about what they should be doing now and what should we be doing long term for the health risks that this will pose going forward,'” Renteria said.

Clinton does not have a trip to Flint scheduled at this point.

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