How long will the Flint water emergency be in effect?

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/26/15) - The water emergency is still in effect in Flint, but for how much longer?

It is not an easy answer.

By the end of this week, Detroit water will be flowing to all taps in Flint.

Flint Public Works Director Howard Croft said county and state health officials will decide what to do next.

Croft said the switch has gone off without a hitch. It is actually ahead of schedule.

As previously reported, the threat of lead isn't completely gone.

Croft said as long as there are lead pipes, the possibility of lead in the water is out there.

That's why the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is urging people to get their water tested after the switch to Detroit is complete.

Croft said they are and will continue testing residents' water for free.

In the meantime, Croft said people are already noticing a difference in their water and the feedback is good.

“Everything has been positive. Many places have reported that they can notice a little bit of a difference right away, the ones that are closer to the plant, so people will recognize that softer taste,” Croft said.

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