How to get your water tested in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/30/15) - If you have concerns about what may be in your city water, City of Flint officials want you to know you can get your water tested for free.

Mike Glasgow, utilities administrator for the City of Flint Water Plant, tells ABC12 more than 250 people have asked to get their water tested just in the past week.

If you're worried about Flint treating the water, this fact might give you some peace of mind.

"We don't do any of the testing here. We're kind of acting as a middle man just to pay and fill out the all the paperwork for the residents to get this testing done,” Glasgow said.

The Department of Environmental Quality State Drinking Water does the actual testing in Lansing.

Here's how it works: You call up the city and tell them what you're concerned about. For example, it's a certain test that looks for lead and copper in water. Then the city provides a one liter sample bottle and instructions.

When testing for lead, the water needs to sit for six to eight hours in the pipes to get an accurate sample. After filling up the bottle almost to the top, you then bring in the bottle, or schedule to get it picked up.

Then the sample is sent to the independent lab in Lansing. It won't take any longer than two weeks to get some results.

"The results will come back to us first, usually via email. And then they'll send a hard copy also. But once I get an email, I can print it out and send it along with a letter of risk, if there's a high level or risk, and what they can do to negate these risks,” Glasgow said.

Water plant staff tell us the data the city uses to measure lead levels, for example, is not based on these resident samples, but according to what they've received from these resident samples, it looks like lead levels are varied from household to household.

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