Midland man dies after jail confrontation

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MIDLAND (WJRT) - (12/31/15) - The death of a Midland man is the focus of a federal lawsuit filed this week by the man's widow.

Jack Marden died on Feb. 13, two days after he was involved in a confrontation with corrections deputies inside the Midland County Jail.

Marden was 56 years old and had a history of heart trouble.

The attorney for his estate believes Marden's physical confrontation with the corrections deputies caused his death.

In video from Feb. 11, taken by a Midland County Jail employee, corrections deputies dressed in protective clothing were preparing to go into the cell holding Marden. He was jailed about a week earlier in connection with a January domestic disturbance involving his wife at their home.

Court papers show he wanted responding officers to kill him.

On Feb. 5, he underwent a psychiatric exam at the jail. The report noted Marden suffered from a major depressive disorder.

Court papers indicate Marden became agitated when he was questioned by two mental health workers on Feb. 11 and became difficult to control. In an effort to get him out of his cell and take him to a hospital, the officers rushed him and took him to the floor.

The deputies tried to calm him down, but Marden continued to resist.

Deputies requested a knitted mask known as a spit hood. When it was put over Marden's head, he complained that he couldn't breathe.

"You got to let me breathe," Marden says in the video.

"Dude, we are trying to, but you we can't have you hitting us and stuff, man," on of the deputies says in the video.

When a deputy became concerned over how Marden was breathing, calls went out to a nurse and to 911. Marden was taken to the hospital, where he died two days later.

Court papers list the cause as acute respiratory failure. The attorney for Marden's estate says the death was caused by the treatment he received from the deputies.

We could not reach a Midland County official for comment on this story.

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