Leading researchers behind Flint's elevated lead level study discuss state's new plan

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/02/15) - Friday afternoon, the State of Michigan announced their plans to fix Flint's water problems.

Although researchers are relieved to hear change is happening, leaders at Hurley fear the damage is done.

"I think it's great that the results that we found at Hurley were consistent with the results that they found on their further analysis, but on one end, it's unfortunate that they also found the same findings. So that means more kids have been exposed to lead when they didn't have to be. It's an irreversible potent, neurotoxin that causes life-long damage. And this could have been prevented," said Mona Hana-Attisha, director of the Hurley Pediatric Residency Program.

Last week, Hurley Medical Center researchers released a study showing elevated lead levels in the blood of Flint children believed to be caused by the water. Hurley's study came just weeks after a Virginia Tech professor discovered the lead problem following an independent study conducted by their team inside of Flint homes.

"We shudder to think what would've happened in the next year to Flint's children if Flint residents hadn't brought this to light," said Virginia Tech Professor Mark Edwards.

Edwards believes the state's plan to provide NSF certified filters to Flint residents is a major step.

"Anything that says 'NSF certified for lead removal', you can be sure you are being protected from lead and water. They might not be 100 percent effective at the end of that time period, but they will be dramatically better than drinking unfiltered Flint water," Edwards said.

"I would love to see an immediate connection to Detroit or a magical connection to the new Karegnondi system. Anything that gets us back to a Lake Huron water source, which is a less corrosive water source," Hana-Attisha said.

Edwards and his Virginia Tech team plans on coming back to Flint to continue their testing in the future until this problem is resolved.

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