Local artist creates water bottle art as protest

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FLINT (WJRT) - (06/19/15) - Water Worries have troubled many people in Flint for months.

Now a local artist is literally taking things into her own hands.

Like many in Flint, artist Desiree Duell and her son started drinking bottled water last fall because of concerns about the safety of their tap water.

Soon, they had more bottles than they knew what to do with. So they came up with an idea: turn them into art.

The project is called “the Body of Water.” Duell said it's a statement on the water crisis in Flint.

Her own artistic interpretations are on display in a couple windows downtown.

Her project also includes kids. Duell has held several workshops around the community. In one element, kids make an outline of their body. They then fill the space with water bottles with a light underneath.

The result is stunning. Duell said it also gets people thinking.

"I think the piece is supposed to be a neutral platform to sort of show all these different perspectives. And also to sort of raise awareness about this issue as well,” Duell said.

To see pieces from the project, head to the Hispanic Technology and Community Center next Friday, June 26. The works will be on display from 6-10 that night.

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