Local football team forgoes practice to donate water

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/05/15) - Cars packed full, the Northwestern Wildcats football team spent Monday afternoon rolling from house to house, delivering cases of water to the people who so desperately need it.

These athletes are taking on a different opponent than they're used to, but it's one the entire city is up against.

"It just came over my heart this weekend, when I saw people on the corner giving water and I thought, 'That's something we should be doing'," said head coach Fred Jackson.

While the team was watching film, Jackson and his staff went to Sam's Club and picked up as much water as they could manage. The team then loaded up and headed out into the surrounding neighborhoods to give back.

"Very excited for a community that's helped us out, comes to a lot of our games, donated a lot of money to us," said Jordan Shock, a junior.

Not only does this return the favor, but senior Clyde Childress hopes it shows a different side of Flint's young people.

"People, you know, stereotype that just because we're black, African American, that we can't go out in the community and help, so anytime we can do something positive, we always want to do that," he said.

While donations continue to pour in from outside the city, Childress says it's times like these when his football team can make a difference too that goes beyond the gridiron.

"We're leaders in the community, so if we can do it, it'll encourage other people to follow in our footsteps," he said.

"We've been used to people helping us, so I want them to understand what it's like to just give back to the community because the community helps us out. Why not give back to the community?" Jackson said.

Jackson used money recently donated to the team and some out of his own pocket to pay for the water.

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