MSU medical students find out their future on "Match Day"

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FLINT (WJRT) - (03/18/16) - Their future and journey lies within an envelope. Years of sleepless nights and endless studying all boils down to this moment.

"The sweat and tears and fatigue and you name it. But it's well worth it and we look forward to the next phase of our life," said MSU medical student Joseph Meleca.

As the clock struck noon, 34 medical students found out where they will complete their residency training.

Sushant Wagley discovered he's headed to Hurley. Joseph Melca is headed to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

"It's a really great institution. I'm really excited to be there. I have a lot of family in Ohio too, so, it'll be really great to tell them," Melca said.

"I think I'm just gonna leave all my stuff in my apartment in downtown Flint. I'm super excited. I'm very excited to be here for one more year," Wagley said.

Match Day opens a new journey for Rick McGeehan and his wife Lauren.

"I matched into an emergency program in Minneapolis. And we have seven children. Five in the house, two are grown and on their own. So they're going to stay here. But we have five little ones, ten and under, and a dog for us to pick up and relocate to Minnesota," McGeehan said.

Whether they are going ten miles or one hundred miles down the road, these soon to be MD's will never forget the valuable training and lessons learned here in Flint.

"I think there's, in ways, even better education here because of the community that we're in. We've got a lot more access to the patient population. There's three great hospitals that we rotate in here and, I don't think you can beat it," Meleca said.

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