MTA announces new bus service called 'Ride to Groceries'

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FLINT (WJRT) - (03/26/15) - Many people in Genesee County are faced with a problem - their closest grocery store is closing.

MTA doesn't want people to be shopping for routes to get necessities like food and water, so it's making adjustments to help.

The impending closure of two supermarkets in the Flint area is prompting the MTA to make it easier for riders to get to supermarkets. It's being called 'Ride to Groceries.'

The Kroger on Davison Road at Franklin in Flint is scheduled to close this Saturday, but the MTA is adding a new route starting April 3 that can lessen the frustration.

A bus that will be marked 'Shopper' will run every half hour from the Kroger at Richfield and Center to the Walmart on Court at Belsay, with several stops in between.

"It's important that we take some immediate actions to help the community any way we can," said Ed Benning, MTA general manager.

An existing route on the city's west side will be extended a little further west on Pierson Road, starting April 6.

"It's our intention to take our Crosstown North route that currently ends at Meijer and it will now go to Aldi's," Benning said.

The new routes are getting $5,000 financial backing from the United Way of Genesee County.

"This really is a basic needs issue, especially for people that live in that corridor area that have been walking to those grocery stores for decades," said Jamie Gaskin, United Way of Genesee County CEO.

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