Man gets company to donate 38,000 water bottles to Flint schools

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/10/15) - The water emergency in Flint has been a dark time for the city, but at the same time, there's been an incredible outpouring from people, businesses and organizations when it comes to donating filters or bottled water.

Like semi-truck driver Chad Luce, whose act of kindness started with a simple phone call.

"So I just contacted Ice Mountain up in Stanwood, Michigan, a division of Nestle, and just reached out to them, being a local, you know, Michigan company, to see if they'd be willing to donate any water," he said.

Ice Mountain said yes, they'd be willing to donate an entire truckload of water bottles to Flint Community Schools.

"We've got 20 pallets, with each pallet had 60 cases of 32 packs. So it breaks down to about just over 38,000 bottles of water," Luce said.

38,000 bottles of water that Luce now somehow had to get to Flint, from two hours away. So, he donated his time and resources.

"I own the truck and I agreed to use my truck to go pick the water up," he said.

Saturday morning, he pulled into a Flint Community Schools warehouse on Court Street. A very happy Tony Sitko, director of shared services with the district, was there too.

"This is one of the larger deliveries that have come in. There have been several others that have been around the same size. It's amazing to see the outpouring of support and the synergy that's come around from our local, state and national donors that have been providing water to our school system and to the entire city of Flint in all areas," Sitko said.

As for Luce, he's happy to have helped make this happen, for the sake of his own kids and all kids in Flint.

"I've got five kids and four of which go to a district in the area, and I couldn't imagine not even being able to drink out of their drinking fountains," he said.

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