Trash pickup will resume in Flint on Tuesday

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FLINT (WJRT) - UPDATE: (08/01/16) - Trash pickup will resume for the city of Flint on Tuesday.

Republic Services sent out a statement Monday, saying, "We are encouraged that Mayor Weaver has reconsidered our earlier offer to provide interim residential waste collection service in Flint."

They said they reached an understanding with the city.

The new interim service arrangement is in effect through Friday, Aug. 12.

Service for residents will be delayed by one day for the rest of the week.

Earlier Monday, we saw people in Flint with garbage out at the curb, despite Mayor Karen Weaver saying there will not be trash pickup starting Monday, Aug. 1.

All over social media, we saw people threatening to dump trash on City Hall's lawn. Late Sunday night, we did see a couple bags outside.

Behind Flint's downtown fire station, the dumpster is overflowing.

This all stems from Weaver wanting to use Detroit-based Rizzo Environmental Services for Flint, while city council wants to stay with Republic Services.

Both sides were in court Friday over the disagreement, and Saturday, Weaver released a statement asking residents not to put their trash out, as it won't be picked up.

City council and Republic say that's unnecessary.

This weekend, Republic stated they're continuing garbage pickup uninterrupted until after the court issue is resolved.

ABC12 spoke to city council's president and an alderman on Monday.

"It's all about the citizens, the people of this town not getting any interruption in garbage collection,” said Kerry Nelson, Flint City Council president.

"And the administration is again just trying to create another man-made emergency in the city of Flint,” said Scott Kincaid, Flint City Council Ward 3.


(07/30/16) - Flint's mayor says there will not be trash pick-up starting Monday, Aug. 1.

It's the latest twist in a story we've been covering for a few weeks now.

The mayor wants to use Rizzo Environmental Services, while City Council wants to stay with Republic Services.

Right now there's a legal battle going on to decide what route the city will take.

Now that the contract with Republic has expired the mayor is asking people not to set their trash out to the curb.

Mayor Karen Weaver released the following statement about the issue Saturday afternoon:

"We hope to have a new agreement in place that will allow crews to resume trash collection by the middle of the week. We realize this is an inconvenience and we're working to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, we appreciate and thank the citizens of Flint for their cooperation."

Saturday evening ABC12 received a statement from City Council saying this is exclusively the decision of Mayor Weaver.

The council reports Republic Services offered to continue garbage service, uninterrupted, until after a decision was made about the issue Tuesday.

Republic Services confirmed the report with ABC12 Sunday.

"The judge made it clear that we could pick up trash on Monday in the City of Flint on a simple request from the mayor. We sent an email over to the administration offering that service again late on Friday and it was declined," said Gary Hicks, Municipal Services Manager for Republic Services.

City Council plans to ask a judge to force the mayor to reinstate trash pickup pending the outcome of the lawsuit.

"What do we do with the trash? Do we leave it outside, let the animals tear it apart? What do we do with it? It's terrible," said Dominique Jenkins who lives in Flint's First Ward, the main area impacted by the loss of Monday trash pickup.

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