Old Flint Osteopathic Hospital is being demolished

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FLINT (WJRT) - (04/29/15) - The old Flint Osteopathic Hospital is being demolished after more than 50 years in the community.

McClaren currently owns the property across the street from their Flint Campus.

Representatives tell us right now, there are no huge plans in place for the space once demolition is finished.

"No future plans right now. As we speak, we're going to make it a green space and for employees for parking up on top and then back here obviously too," said Jim Proctor, manager of corporate real estate for McLaren Healthcare.

Demolition is costing McLaren nearly $4 million and started at the beginning of April.

Earlier this year, official plans were made to demolish.

"The building itself was functionally obsolescent and it wasn't really worth saving. It was cost prohibitive for us to do that,” Proctor said.

McLaren bought the 40 acres of property from Genesys back in 2014. The old hospital was in operation as mostly office spaces as recent as 2013.

"We had to do a lot of due diligence. There's a lot of interior things that we had to do to the building to get it prepped for the actual demolition,” Proctor said.

The space hasn't been filled with actual patients, doctors, and nurses since the late 90s.

As for the future? There aren't any concrete plans.

"So this way, we have the land ready and willing to go forward, and so we're shovel-ready basically for any future needs that we can have and we can do some campus-wide planning,” Proctor said.

Demolition on the property should last through the end of June.

Our Facebook page has had a lot of comments with people sharing their memories of the old Flint Osteopathic Hospital.

Here are a few:

Nikki writes, "5/30/77 was the day I was born... it also was the day 30 other mothers name their child Monique Lewis..at the same hospital."

Janet writes, "I spent many days there being treated for cancer..they did one heck of a good job..so sad to see it go."

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