Osprey pair builds nest in Davison area

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DAVISON TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (05/02/16) - A nice young couple has moved into Mid-Michigan. They'll be eating lots of fish dinners together.

A pair of ospreys is setting up housekeeping just south of Davison. They are courting now and there may be baby ospreys in their future.

The nest was spotted a few days ago in a cell phone tower behind the Flag City Diner at the corner of Lapeer Road and M-15. In recent years, ospreys have been using cell phone towers in Fenton and the Lapeer area.

If you want to watch the ospreys, it's best to bring binoculars. There are a number of parking lots near the cell tower where it would be easy to watch them. If you're quiet, you won't bother them and you may be able to hear chirping as they talk to each other.

Ospreys love to eat fish and you may be able to see them diving on fish on nearby lakes and streams. They're related to eagles and have wingspans of five to six feet.

Michigan ospreys migrate each fall to Central and South America, flying as far as 3,500 miles one way. The adults return each spring and begin nesting. Nests are made of large sticks.

Because this nest is apparently new, the Michigan Osprey organization believes this is a young couple.

Fifty years ago, the osprey population in southern Michigan was nearly wiped out, but the numbers were stronger in northern Michigan.

"Youngsters were taken from nests in the northern part and brought down and raised and released. Now what we see here is a result of that. The goal was 30 nesting pairs by the year 2020 and we had it by 2010. I would say by the end of last summer, we could identify 60 some nests in the southern half of the lower peninsula," said Barb Jensen, the director of Michigan Osprey.

There could be one to three baby ospreys in the nest by mid-June.

Someone from the Michigan Osprey organization may band the babies this summer.

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