Public housing tenants get free water filters in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/05/15) - Water filters are pouring into Flint.

Thousands are being given out to residents living in public housing in the city.

1,600 filters were distributed on Monday.

Last Friday, the state committed to $1 million worth of filters.

"This is a first step of many steps that need to be taken. This is a Band-Aid approach. We need to figure out how to get safe water to the people in Flint and this is our first move to try and accomplish that goal," said State Representative Sheldon Neeley.

All of the filters are being distributed to every single public housing unit in Flint with the help of Genesee County Community Action Resource Department.

They were donated by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as part of their effort to handle the water crisis.

Neeley said while getting a filter to every single home is a priority, they're working to deliver them to people who aren't mobile first.

"Everyone doesn't have a car, everyone or is not mobile. So we have an obligation to make sure everyone can get one of these filters in their home," Neeley said.

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