Sewer water backs up into Flint apartments

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FLINT (WJRT) - (02/11/16) - Water from Flint's sewer system is creating big headaches for renters on the city's north side at Rollingwood Manor.

The dirty and smelly water started flowing into apartments on Monday night.

The property manager, Garry Moore, said there was a blockage in the city's system and city crews had trouble accessing the problem area.
The apartments are not far from I-475 where a water main break was discovered Tuesday morning.

It's not known if the two incidents are connected.

Moore told ABC12 the blockage isn't the city's fault.

"The city doesn't know that it's backed up until someone calls," Moore said.

But he feels they could have resolved the issue more quickly.

"Should (they) had known where these problems were at or where the manhole was at? I think so," Moore said. "But again, there's no way to get back to them without like a helicopter. It's in an area that is Consumers' property and (there's) a bunch of concrete, and waste, and pits and moguls, and swampy area so there's no way to get a machine back into the area."

At least 15 apartments had sewer water in their basement as high as six inches.
Moore has been working around the clock trying to drain water out of the basements.

Moore said he called the city late Monday night about the problem.
He said crews started looking for the clogged manhole and sewer line on Tuesday.
However, Moore said crews didn't start draining it until Thursday because they couldn't access the area.

Thursday, ABC12 saw city crews not far from the apartments off Dort Highway and East Boulevard Road.
There was a backhoe moving gravel. Moore said the rock was brought in to help heavy equipment reach the clogged sewer.

He's vowing to help families affected by this mess.

"Once the problem is solved then it's up to us I guess to help the tenants haul the debris," Moore said.

The city of Flint said they're looking into the matter.

Renters insurance usually doesn't cover damage related to sewer backups.