Some of the world's elite combat medics training in Mid-Michigan

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GENESEE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (06/16/15) - They've been under the radar for more than two years.

This week, ABC12 News learned about a group of military elite known as the Special Operations Combat Medics.

It's one of only two programs in the U.S. and it's right here in Mid-Michigan.

These brave men and women train alongside paramedics with the Genesee County Sheriff's Department.

We started asking questions about who they are and what they do here. What we found is that some of the most skilled combat medics start here and take what they've learned here in Mid-Michigan all over the world.

They've kept a low profile so far. That is why their identity must be concealed.

"It started a little over two years ago. The special forces combat paramedics out of Ft. Bragg in North Carolina were looking for somewhere to train," said Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell.

Since the program started, more than 100 military personal have worked alongside paramedics with the Office of the Genesee County Sheriff - the only agency in the state where the officers are also paramedics.

"They wanted to get experience for their people so that they could take it back to the battlefield," Pickell said.

The program has even brought in people from Germany, Norway and Australia to Flint.

"We've kind of become an international training ground for military people," Pickell said.

Pickell says the combat medics get hands-on experience treating wounds they would see in combat and experience on how to treat victims in chaotic situations.

It isn't just gunshot wounds they're learning about, the SOCM program includes a stint at Hurley Medical Center.

The combat medics rotate through the ER, trauma, pediatrics and even work with pregnant women.

It's all so they can take what they've learned overseas.

"We just love that we are able to help our service people and we are honored that they picked us," Pickell said.

It's a partnership that not only prepares soldiers for battle, but Pickell said has made his force stronger.

"What I want my people to learn from them is although these guys are tough mentally, they have the sensitivity of saving lives through medical skills," Pickell said.

The SOCM group that is currently training in Flint includes two female soldiers from Ft. Bragg. That is a first for the program.

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