State investigation reveals startling details about foster mother caring for Omarion Humphrey

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BURTON (WJRT) - (09/10/15) - ABC12 News is uncovering disturbing new details about Omarion Humphrey's foster mother.

A state investigation uncovered a pattern of violations by the Flint woman and a failure on part of the agency who placed Omarion with her.

The 9-year-old-boy with severe autism drowned in a Genesee County lake while in the care of his foster mother.

The report does not refer to Omarion Humphrey's foster mother by name - she's known as "Foster Parent A."

After Omarion was found dead in a Davison Township lake in July, the Department of Health and Human Services launched an investigation into Alternatives for Children and Families in Burton.

That's the agency that placed him with his foster family.

According to that report, Omarion's foster mother was investigated six times by Alternatives for a variety of violations.

There were several citations for failure to supervise foster children in her care.

Perhaps the most shocking showed she was not trained to care for children with autism, yet Omarion - who's described as severely autistic - was placed wit her.

DHHS said that after the third special investigation by Alternatives, "Foster Parent A" should have received disciplinary action. Instead, she kept her license and received more foster children.

The report lists other problems as well, including sex acts between foster children in her home and improper physical discipline on a foster child.

The 44-page report is the basis the DHHS recommendation to revoke Alternatives' license.

The attorney for the foster agency said they plan to appeal the decision.

It will probably be months before a decision is made regarding that license. In the meantime, Alternatives is not allowed to place any new foster children.

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