UM-Flint student starts bow tie business in his apartment

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/08/15) - A student at the University of Michigan-Flint has started an unusual home business. He custom-makes neck ties, bow ties and pocket squares.

Not so long ago, Jehue Whitlow wondered what it takes to make a bow tie. He found instructions online and gave it a try. He really liked the results.

"The first one I made turned out really nice and l got a lot of compliments on it," Whitow said.

So now, on his dining room table, he creates ties for his business he calls "Codename TBS". TBS stands for Ties, Bow Ties and Pocket Squares.

He makes everything to the customer's specifications.

"Before I go and make it, I always ask them what they're looking for to make sure what they're getting is what they want," Whitlow said.

He cuts each tie by hand, which assures each tie will be one-of-a-kind.

"They're never going to be exactly the same. They're always different. They're unique," Whitlow said.

The material used is up to the customer, but Whitlow knows what he prefers.

"I use a poly-cotton blend because it has a specific feel to it," Whitlow said.

He has made 30 ties in the past 30 days. Neckties cost $30, bow ties are between $20 and $25 and a pocket square is $10.

He currently works as a pharmacy tech, but would like to get to the point where the business is going so well he can depend on it to make a living.

"That's what I'm hoping to get to, so I can just focus mainly on that and not have to work," Whitlow said.

Whitlow's phone number is 586-265-9735. His email address is He also has a Facebook page - codenameTBS.

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