Virginia Tech Researchers back in Flint to test water

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/15/15) - The researchers who first spotlighted the lead problem in Flint's water supply are back.

The team from Virginia Tech University is in town to do more water testing.

This summer, they revealed test results showing high lead levels in Flint's water, sending out shock waves which later turned into a water emergency.

They've made a promise to the people in Flint that they will continue to help any way they can.

That means testing and re-testing the water as long as the emergency exists.

The team is led by Professor Marc Edwards, who started testing in Flint this summer at the urging of water activists.

Hundreds of samples gathered city-wide revealed unsafe levels of lead in the water.

Those findings caused an uproar, which hasn't died down, and Edwards' team isn't stopping now.

A small group of them is back in town Thursday, but this time they're not testing for lead.

They're taking samples from homes, businesses and commercial buildings looking for other possible harmful organisms in the water.

The lead scientist on this trip told ABC12 News that lead in the water often indicates the presence of other dangerous things, too.

They hope this research helps not only people in Flint but others around the world.

“This sort of problem, this infrastructure decay is happening in America. It's happening everywhere and in 50 years what's happened here will be happening in other cities. What we learn now will help us detect, address and fix the problem in the future,” said Otto Schwake.

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