Flint water still not safe to drink according to researchers with Virginia Tech University

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/01/15) - The researchers credited with exposing high lead levels in Flint are back in town.

Professor Marc Edwards, of Virginia Tech University, is continuing to test the water in Flint and said it is not safe to drink.

This news comes as a letdown to so many people who hoped the water would be safe following the switch to the Detroit water system.

Edwards and his team of researchers are in Flint for several days, testing water at homes where they’ve seen extremely high lead levels.

At one home on Flint’s north side, one water sample taken 10 days ago showed lead levels 25 times higher than the federal standards allow for.

Edwards said this is a worst case scenario home.

He said they've seen lead levels dropping overall following the switch to the Detroit water system, but according to his research, they still aren't low enough to drink without a certified lead filter.

He's warning people to continue using those filters or stick to bottled water.

Edwards is committed to continue testing water samples in Flint into the near future.

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