Water Worries spill over into Flint Community Schools

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/28/15) - Flint Community Schools is warning students not to drink the water at their buildings.

This comes after concerns were raised last week about high levels of lead in the city's water.

"I unfortunately have to make the determination that at this time, our children not drink the water in Flint Community Schools until further notice," said Flint Community Schools' Superintendent Bilal Tawwab.

ABC12 News talked to parents about their Water Worries.

"I'm scared for my son to drink the water, so we buy cases daily," said Crystal Britt.

Britt's 4-year-old son Andrew already knows not to touch the tap at home and Crystal will tell him the same when he goes to school.

"He knows that when it comes to water, grab water bottles out of the fridge," Britt said.

Tawwab said the only way they can provide bottled water to their 5,000 students is through donations.

Home Depot got the ball rolling Monday, delivering 85 cases of water to Pierce Elementary School.

As far as water used to prepare school lunches, Tawwab said they have been in contact with their food distributor to make sure that any water used follows the lead advisory put out by the City of Flint.

Flint Community Schools is in need of more water donations. You can bring them to the district's administration building during regular business hours.

Flint Community Schools Administration Building
923 East Kearsley

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