Whistleblower lawsuit filed against Genesee County Animal Control

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(03/05/15) - Puppies stuck in drains and failed euthanasia attempts are just some of the claims being made in a lawsuit filed Thursday against the Genesee County Animal Control.

The former deputy director of the facility, Karen Dombrowski, filed the whistle blower lawsuit against Genesee County, Animal Control and its current director.

In one instance, she said a dog was thought to have been euthanized, only to have employees find the dog 24 hours later still alive in the morgue cooler.

"The biggest issues that I have are the illegal, inhumane and out of date practices that are continuing to go on a daily basis," Dombrowski said.

When Dombrowski was appointed in January, she said the conditions at the facility were the worst she'd ever seen.

"It was so bad the first month I was there, I actually set triage up," Dombrowski said.

She said in one instance, a litter of puppies was not provided the proper caging and they were falling and getting stuck in drain pipes in the floor.

"Two times I had to physically go there and pull the puppies out the PVC piping," Dombrowski said.

In several other cases, Dombrowski claimed animals weren't properly euthanized.

Dombrowski says she found a dog named Ana after staff attempted to euthanize with what she claims were outdated medicine. She says that caused her to wake up hours later.

"I think it's illegal and I think it's inhumane and I think the problem with the county is there is no accountability," Dombrowski said.

That is why Dombrowski said she's going after Genesee County, Animal Control and its current director, Paul Wallace, who was appointed back in January.She said she tried to voice her concerns and each time she was dismissed, then ultimately fired.

ABC12 News reached out toWallace and the Genesee County Commissioner on Thursday. They would not comment on the lawsuit at this point.

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