Divers pull vehicle out of Flint River after Sunday crash

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FLUSHING (WJRT) - (03/22/15) - Flushing Police continue to investigate a second case where someone drove their car into the Flint River.

Police say a Jeep driven by a 59-year-old woman splashed into the river about 3:15 Sunday afternoon.

The Jeep floated about a quarter mile downstream before being stopped by a tree laying in the water.

The woman was not seriously hurt.

The Jeep was pulled out of the water Monday morning.

Oscar Elizando sent us video showing the vehicle floating by, before rescuers arrived.

Witnesses to Sunday's incident said the driver stayed in the car and was reluctant to be rescued.

We spoke to Ken Kominek, who says he narrowly missed being hit by the vehicle before it ended up in the river.

"I moved back out of the way so I didn't get hit, and the vehicle just flew past me, the person driving never took its foot off from the accelerator and I could see an older lady, she drove by, kept going through the parking lot and you could hear the engine racing, never took her foot off from the throttle or anything and then hit the cement by the river, went airborne and right into the river," Kominek said.

Last Wednesday, a suspected drunken driver drove his car into the river at nearly the same spot in Flushing.

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